Boat trip in Helsinki


We make sure you see the best kept secrets the archipelago has to offer. It is difficult to have a more authentic nature experience. Max 5 people. Boat rental always includes a captain and fuel.



Boat trip in Helsinki

Boat trips in Helsinki

Daycruiser offers a unique way to experience the Helsinki archipelago in a classic style. A great choice for a smaller group for a day of cruising.

starting from

2h 360€ + alv 10%
3h 460€ + alv 10%
4h 560€ + alv 10%

includes captain and fuel

max 5 people

3H Boat ride
During the 3-hour boat ride, you can explore the beautiful Helsinki archipelago and some of its secrets that can only be reached by small boat. You can sit on the comfortable leather seats or soak up the sun on the sun deck.
4H Boat Ride
During the 4h boat trip, you can get to know the best kept secrets of the Helsinki archipelago, land on a remote island with a sauna, wonderful nature and barbecue facilities.
All day boat ride
During this trip we can do either wakeboarding or kneeling. Alternatively, we can explore the beautiful lake in the middle of Pentala Island or visit the archipelago restaurant or even a sauna.
Boat trip according to your wishes
We can customize the experience to your liking. For example, we can visit different islands, barbecue and sauna.

Boat trip in Helsinki

Experiences at sea

The Helsinki archipelago is famous for the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site Suomenlinna and islands such as Pihlajasaari and Isosaari, which can be reached quickly by a ferry along a magnificent scenic route.

On a boat trip, you can relax with tasty picnic snacks with a glass of sparkling wine while enjoying the absolutely amazing beauty of nature.

The stunning little islets and islands are often completely empty, making you feel like you’re on a desert island away from the heart of the city.

The islets known to few are worth experiencing because their nature is something you will not experience elsewhere. In closely guarded locations, you can even have a sauna in private and spend “Robinson Crusoe” moments or bonga birds. These hidden diamonds, like “wilderness” saunas, are the crowns of credit!

Barbecue places are also available and you can choose whether you want to grill or just want to enjoy nature with a completely new taste experience while being chilled by a professional chef. Enjoying real local food.

Did you know that during a sea boat trip, you can take a dip in a clear-water lake with no trace about salt water? Often in this small lake the temperature rises considerably higher than in the ocean. In this way, even the wild cats of the party dare to splash in the fresh water and the experience is second to none.


Boat trip in Helsinki

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Capitano Marco

I have been boating for over 20 years in Lapland, the Helsinki region and also in Sydney, Australia. "boating is part of my DNA"

I am excited to show you the best kept secrets our beautiful archipelago has to offer.

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